我爱孩子 新闻 2020-2021学年高三英语语法一轮复习:状语从句(2)



2020-2021 学年高三英语语法一轮复习:状语从句(2)


1. 我们一爬到山顶上,就看到了美丽的日出。(hardly…when…)

2. 当我们的校车到达博物馆时,我们下车并排队进入博物馆。(enter in line)

3. 这个瑞典人非常崇拜拿破仑,以致想参加法国军队,为他而战。(Sweden)

4. 你从何处来就回到哪里去。

5. 多亏了你们的照顾,我在美国度过了愉快的暑假。


1. I have read of many very successful dreamers that failed numerous times ________ they experienced success.

A. when B. after C. before D. until

2. It was nearly nine o’clock in the morning ________ I was told to have the job interview, which had been

supposed to happen the next week.

A. when B. as C. before D. that

3. I cannot hear the professor clearly as there is too much noise ________ I am sitting.

A. before B. until C. unless D. where

4. Half an hour later, Lucy still couldn\’t get a taxi ________ the bus had dropped her.

A. until B. when C. although D. where

5. Mark needs to learn Chinese ________ his company is opening a branch in Beijing.

A. unless B. until C. although D. since

第七讲 状语从句二


【答案】so that, in order that, in case, for fear that


1. You’d better prepare some candles at home ________ the power fails.

A. even though B. in case

C. as long as D. in order that


2. Keep yourself open ________ we can experience the great joy that friendship can bring.

A. as if B. so that C. even though D. ever since


3. One important aim of our school is to prepare us for the future ________ we can face all the challenges with


A. in that B. so that C. even if D. if only



4. —Why do you cook this much beef?

—________ the guests decide to stay for dinner.

A. As long as B. In case C. Even if D. Now that


5. We have an adviser on hand in this activity ________ you have any worries or problems.

A. when B. now that C. though D. in case



1. 由于还很早,我决定和他一起下象棋,这样他就不会觉得无聊了。________________________________________________________________

2. 我学习英语非常努力为的是我能通过考试。


3. 大声说,以便大家都能听到你的声音。


4. 他写下了那个名字,以防他可能忘记它。


5. 我告诉你这一点,以免你搞错。



1. Since it was still early, I decided to play Chinese chess with him so that he wouldn’t feel bored.

2. I learn English hard so that I can pass the exam.

3. Speak louder so that everyone can hear you.

4. He wrote down the name in case he may forget.

5. I am telling you this for fear that you make a mistake.



1. I got up early in order to ____________________ (赶上头班公共汽车).

2. We\’ll sit nearer the front in order to____________________ (听得清楚一点).


1. catch the first bus

2. hear better



in order to, so as to(不用句首), with the intention of, with the purpose of 表示目的,+短语让步状语从句


【答案】though, although, even if, even though, while, as


1. Once again he failed to hand in his homework ________ he had been given enough time to do it.

A. in case B. as though C. so that D. even though


2. ________ advertisements are of great help, I don’t think we should entirely rely on them.

A. Since B. While C. Because D. As


3. The magnificent tower must be saved, ________ the cost!

A. however B. whichever C. whatever D. wherever


4. ________ I admit that there are problems, I don’t agree that they cannot be solved.

A. While B. When C. As D. For


5. ________ the students came from different countries, they got along quite well in the summer camp.

A. While B. Unless C. Since D. Until


二、as 的用法

Hard as he practiced, he didn’t win the match.

Tired as my father was, he still cooked the meal for me.

Young as he is, he is quite mature.

Little thing as it was, it still cost a lot. 由上可知:


as 表示“虽然”含义的时候,要进行倒装


【答案】though 可以倒装,也可以不倒


请用 as 改写句子

1. Although he is successful, he is not proud.


2. Although it seems improbable, it is true.


3. While he was a king, he was unhappy.


4. Though you read fast, you can’t finish the book in two days.



1. Successful as he is, he is not proud.

2. Improbable as it seems, it is true.

3. King as he was, he was unhappy.

4. Fast as he read, you can’t finish the book in two days.


1. Much ________ I admire him as a writer, I do not like him as a man.

A. although B. since C. as D. as if


2. Stupid ________ it sounds,I was so in love with her that I believed her.

A. as B. if C. while D. that答案:A。根据句意,虽然这听起来很蠢,但是我很爱她,所有我相信她。

3. Strong man ________ he is, General Botha has been severely put to the test during the past few weeks.

A. though B. unless C. while D. for


【知识扩展 1】


1. All the people on the ship were in safety despite ____________________(虽然遇到风暴).

2. In spite of____________________(有很多缺点), she still loves him.


1. the storm

2. many advantages



【答案】in spite of, despite 表示尽管+短语


1. 尽管下雨,他还是准时到了。


2. 尽管出了车祸,他的岳父仍然活下来。


3. 尽管我们一再警告, 他还是我行我素。



They arrived on time in spite of the rain.

His father-in-law lives on despite the car accident. In spite of our repeated warnings, he still went his own way.

【知识扩展 2】

1. Whatever you do, he\’ll always try to do it better.

2. The temperature is between 20–25℃ in the lab no matter when it is measured.

3. Wherever they go, they can be contacted

4. No matter where I go, I see people on their cellphones, messaging





1. ________ hard you try, it is difficult to lose weight without cutting down the amount you eat.

A. Whichever B. Whatever C. However D. Whoever


2. ________ they traveled, they saw nothing but ruins after the terrible earthquake.

A. Whichever B. Whatever C. Wherever D. However


3. In the global economy, a new drug for cancer, ________ it is discovered, will create many economic possibilities

around the world.

A. whatever B. whoever C. wherever D. whichever





1. 无论你藏到那里,他都会找到你。___________________________________________________________________

2. 无论你选择做什么,你都有面对失败的可能。


3. 无论是谁,无论你做了什么,上帝都会一直爱你。



1. Wherever you hide, I will find you.

2. Whatever choice you make, you may face failure.

3. No matter who you are and what you do, God will always love you.



【答案】if, unless, as long as, only if


1. ________ online payment is safe, people will be more likely to link their bank cards to WeChat.

A. Even though B. As though C. Ever since D. As long as


2. You cannot take back your words ________ they are out of your mouth.

A. before B. whether C. once D. While


3. The new policy allows a couple to have a second birth ________ either is an only child.

A. if only B. on condition that

C. unless D. until


4. ________ you start eating in a healthier way, weight control will become much easier. A. Unless B. Although C. Before D. Once


5. You can smoke here ________ you leave a window open to let the smoke out.

A. even though B. so that

C. in case D. as long as



1. Providing/provided that he can win the support of most of the classmates, he will be elected the monitor.

2. We can support you, on condition that you make a deal with us.

3. Supposing it rains, shall we continue the sports meeting.





1. 假若我们的食物吃完了,那我们要怎么办?


2. 我说在他保密的条件下,将告诉他一个有趣的事。



1. Providing that our food

2. I said I would tell him a funny thing on condition that he keeps it a secret.



1. I can remember my first day of school ________ it were yesterday.

A. in case B. even though C. as if D. now that


2. They completely ignore these facts ________ they never existed.

A. even if B. when C. as though D. once


3. He looks ________ he had been hit by lighting.

A. if B. as if C. before D. unless


4. It looks ________ the weather may pick up very soon.

A. as if B. though C. so that D. in case




【答案】as…as…, than


The more he gets, the more he wants.

The higher the ground is, the thinner the air becomes.

The harder you work, the greater progress you will make.

The more questions you ask, the more you will benefit.



【答案】the more(+名词)+主语+动词…the more…(+名词)+主语+动词请翻译下面的句子

1. 战争持续越久,那里的人们受难就越多。


2. 你的权利越大,责任也就越大。


3. 你英语说得越流利,就越有机会与国际人才交流。



1. The longer the war lasts, the more troubles people will suffer there.

2. The more power you have, the more responsibility you have.

3. The more fluent I speak English, the more opportunities I will have to communicate

with international people.


成绩 _______


1. in case ________________ 2. as long as ________________

3. as if _______________ 4. supposing ________________

5. despite ________________ 6. only if ________________

7. so as to ________________ 8. for fear that ________________


1. I took my driving license with me on holiday, ________I wanted to hire a car.

A. in case B. even if C. ever since D. if only

2. She says that she’ll have to close the shop ________ business improves.

A. if B. unless C. after D. when3. —When will the visas be ready, sir?

—________everything goes well, you should get them in 14 workdays.

A. Although B. As far as C. Unless D. As long as

4. ________ I’m not good at art, I do have a good appreciation of art products.

A. Because B. Since C. If D. While

5. ________ most people come here for skiing, there are plenty of other things to do.

A. Although B. Once C. Since D. If

6. ________ I have to give a speech, I get extremely nervous before I start.

A. Whatever B. Whenever C. Whoever D. However


1. —With the country’s pension fund gap becoming wider than ever, retirement age should be postponed


—Easier said than done. ________ we take all factors into account, we shall be

faced with some other social problems.

A. Unless B. Until C. When D. Once

2. Jim is in good shape physically ________ he doesn’t get much exercise.

A. if B. unless C. as long as D. even though

3. ________ you are aware of the trick used in advertisements, you won’t be eager to buy it.

A. Whether B. Until C. Though D. Once

4. You should try to get a good night\’s sleep ________ much work you have to do.

A. no matter B. however C. although D. whatever

5. You have to take some necessities such as ropes, a flash, boots, ________ you may get lost in the mountain if

going hiking.

A. so that B. in order that C. now that D. in case

6. ________ they decide which college to go to, students should research the admission procedures.

A. Once B. While C. Until D. As

7. Scientists have discovered that bees learn to fly the shortest possible route between flowers ________ they are in

课后作业a different order.

A. even if B. so that C. in case D. as if

8. Anyone can borrow books from the library ___________ he has a library card.

A. since B. so long as C. even though D. unless

9. Some hard-working students always keep a torch in their dormitories ________ there is a power failure.

A. if B. unless C. so that D. in case

10. I am sure we can help you solve the problem, ________ you tell us all the necessary information.

A. in case B. now that C. provided that D. in order that

11. He is so busy. He cannot afford enough time with his son ________ he wants to.

A. even if B. as if C. because D. before

12. ________ most kids still love burgers, chicken wings and pizza, there are a lots of other foods that are to kids\’


A. While B. Since C. Before D. In case

13. We climbed higher ________ we might see the scenes better.

A. so that B. even though C. in case D. as if

14. Kids are not allowed to leave kindergartens ________ their parents come to pick them up.

A. since B. unless C. although D. because

15. One can always manage to do more things, no matter ________ full one’s schedule is in life.

A. how B. what C. when D. where

16. You may use the room as you like ________ you clean it up afterwards.

A. so far as B. so long as C. in case D. even if

17. ________ you say, I won’t agree with you.

A. Whenever B. Whatever C. Whoever D. However

18. ________ we have enough evidence, we can\’t win the case.

A. Once B. As long as C. Unless D. Since

19. Speak clearly ________ they may understand you.

A. if B. so that C. before D. since

20. We used the computer ________ we might save time.

A. in order that B. such that C. only if D. if only 二、翻译句子

1. 为了让家人幸福,他努力工作。


2. 每个人都伸出一只手,目的是帮助这些有困难的人。


3. 他们会得到冠军,如果他们做更多的练习。


4. 你一旦开始一件任务,就必须把它完成。


5. 我决定留在家里,以防朋友们不期而至。


6. 从他说话的样子来看他是醉了。


7. 他虽说有耐心,也不愿等这么长。


8. 只要不必早起,任何工作我都可以接受.


9. 尽管没人赞同他的观点,他还是坚持他的看法。


10. 我愿意原谅你,但是你要帮助我解决一个十分棘手的问题。




一、翻译句子1. Hardly had we arrived at the top of the mountain when we saw the beautiful sunrise.

2. When our school bus arrived at the Museum, we got off and entered in line.

3. This Sweden admired Napoleon so much that he wanted to join the French army and fight for him.

4. Go back where you came from.

5. Thanks to your care, I enjoyed a pleasant summer vacation in the USA.





1. 以防 2. 只要

3. 好像 4. 假设

5. 尽管 6. 只要

7. 为了 8. 以防





1-5 ADDBD 6-10 AABDC 11-15 AAABA 16-20 BBCBA


1. He works hard in order that his family may be happy.

2. Everyone lend a hand, so as to help those who are in need.

3. They will get the champion if they do more exercise.

4. Once you start a task, you must bear it through.

5. I decided to stay at home just in case my friends came round.

6. He talks as if he is drunk.7. Patient as he was, he didn’t like waiting that long.

8. I\’ll accept any job as / so long as I don\’t have to get up early.

9. He stuck to his views, although no man agreed with him.

10. I will forgive you, on condition that you help me solve a terrible problem.