我爱孩子 新闻 八年级英语下册Module 1 Feelings and impressions Unit 2-3同步训练(外研版)

八年级英语下册Module 1 Feelings and impressions Unit 2-3同步训练(外研版)


八年级下册——Module 1 Feelings and impressions
Module 1 Unit 2第1课时检测卷
Ⅰ. 根据句意和首字母提示写出所缺的单词
1. I miss you so much. I can’t w__________ to see you again.
2. I always feel n__________ because of the exam. I’m afraid that I can’t pass the exam.
3. Mike won the first prize of the competition. We were p__________ of him.
4. —What sport do you like best?
  —I like swimming. It’s my only h__________.
5. Lily is a good student and she always gets full m__________ in exams.

Ⅱ. 根据句意和汉语提示写出所缺的单词
1. Do you know the man with ________(眼镜)?
2. Don’t talk with the ______(陌生人) because they may be bad men.
3. I left a _______(口信) for him, but he didn’t get it.
4. —How much are the _______(牛仔裤)?
    —They are about two hundred yuan.
5. She is a _______(标致的) girl and I want to know her name.

Ⅲ. 单项选择
1. —Thank you for ______ me with math.   —You’re welcome.
      A. help       B. helping       C. helped       D. to help
2. To stay safe, it’s necessary for us _______ more about traffic rules.
      A. learn        B. learning       C. to learn       D. learned
3. She spent lots of time _____ on the new project, but she still couldn’t finish it.
      A. work       B. works       C. working      D. to work
4. Linda felt very_____ after the long way, so she stopped to have a rest.
A. surprised           B. shy         C. tired        D. excited
5. I don’t want to touch the animal because it is dangerous. In fact, I am _____ it.
      A. full of         B. angry with           C. afraid of           D. interested in

Ⅳ. 根据汉语意思完成句子
1. 他害怕乘飞机。
   He is _______ ______ flying.
2. 我昨天收到了他的来信。
   I _______ _____ him yesterday.
3. 我们为你感到自豪。
   We are ______ ______ you.
4. 我不得不参加考试,所以我觉得很紧张。
   I have to take the exam, so I ______ ______.
5. 我等不及要去见我的新朋友了。
   I can’t _____ ______ meet my new friend.
6. 昨天他花了三个小时读完了那本书。
   Yesterday he ______ three hours _______ ______ the book.

Ⅴ. 选词填空
to my surprise, dress, he, second, make, neighbor, beauty, wind

It was early morning. I got __1__________ quickly. It was still autumn but colder than usual. It snowed for   2  days. I forgot to check the weather report today, so I went out in a jacket.
It was still dark, cold and __3__________. At that time, I knew I __4__________ a wrong decision. I shook a little bit. Suddenly, a car stopped and one of my __5__________ got out of it. We greeted each other and talked about the bad weather. __6__________ he took off his coat and handed it to me. He smiled and said, “It’s too cold. Put it on.” Looking at the warm coat in my hands, I was touched and thanked __7__________. After that, he drove away. When I looked up at the sky, I noticed the sky was __8__________and peaceful. I felt warmth inside me and I didn’t shake any more.
The world is full of kindness. Love is always there.

1. ______   2. ______   3. ______   4. ______
5. ______   6. ______   7. _______  8. ______

Ⅰ. 1. wait  2. nervous  3. proud  4. hobby   5. marks
Ⅱ. 1. glasses   2. strangers  3. message   4. jeans   5. pretty
Ⅲ. 1-5 BCCCC
Ⅳ. 1. afraid of  2. heard from  3. proud of  4. feel nervous  5. wait to  6. spent; finishing reading  
Ⅴ. 1. dressed  2. two  3. windy  4. made  5. neighbors  
6. To my surprise 7. him  8. beautiful  

Module 1 Unit 2第2课时检测卷

Ⅰ. 同义句转换。每空一词
1. The boy is good at singing.
  The boy ______ ______ ______ singing.
2. It was great to get your letter.
  It was great to _______ _______ you.
3. He spent two hours finishing the work.
  ______ _____ _____ two hours to finish the work.
4. They take pride in the national heroes.
  They are _____ _____ the national heroes.
5. I want to know how I can use the camera.
  I want to know _____ ______ _____ the camera.

Ⅱ. 阅读理解
My interest in cooking started when I was 11, partly thanks to my mother. She didn’t really like cooking and when she did cook, I didn’t like her food. Once I was watching something about cooking on TV and I thought I could do this, so I went to the bookstore and looked for the biggest cookbook I could find.
During a year, I had produced most of its recipes (食谱) and was ready for a bigger challenge (挑战). I wanted to create my own dishes and I started cooking for more people than just my family. To my joy, my parents allowed me to build a test kitchen. I did much cooking to test my dishes in it and my skill improved quickly. Later, my mom and I set up a dinner club that organized monthly events inside my home. Now as a teen chef (主厨), I have also cooked in top-class restaurants around the country. I am not doing it for the money, but because I love cooking.
Now I know that when you stop caring whether you’ll be famous or do well, your dream will come to you.
1. The writer is now______.
A. a TV star                                   B. a news reporter   
C. a well-known bookseller                   D. a good chef
2. What made the writer begin to cook?
A. His parents’ wish.                           B. The customers’ advice.
C. His mother’s delicious food.               D. The information about cooking on TV.
3. After producing most of the recipes in the cookbook, the writer wanted to_______.
A. take cooking lessons                      B. write his cookbook
C. make new dishes of his own                D. open a restaurant
4. The underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2 refers to (指代) “_______”.
A. the bookstore         B. a test kitchen        C. a dinner club          D. the country
5. What is important to the writer?
A. Finding a good job.                         B. Making lots of money.
C. Doing what he loves.                        D. Becoming famous.

Ⅲ. 任务型阅读
I met Rose, my new classmate, on the first day of college. To my surprise, she was already 87 years old. “Why are you in college at such a young age?” I joked. “I’m here to meet a rich man, get married, have two children, and then retire and travel,” she answered. __1__________  
Like young students, Rose was outgoing, kind and helpful. __2__________ Soon, she became a superstar in our college.
At the end of the term, Rose was invited to give us a speech. I would never forget what she said to us, “There are only four secrets to staying young and achieving success.”
“First, you have to laugh and find humor (幽默) every day. Then, you need to have a dream.
__3__________ Next, find any chance to change yourself. Finally, people shouldn’t have regrets (遗憾) for things they didn’t do.”
__4__________ Over 2,000 students went to her funeral (葬礼) to express their love to the wonderful woman.
The great woman didn’t live in this world any longer, but she gave us an unforgettable lesson in life. That is— __5__________ Don’t you think so?

A. When you lose your dream, you die.
B. She always had friends around her.
C. Never too old to learn.
D. One week after she finished her college, she died in her sleep peacefully.
E. Both of us laughed, because we knew what she said wasn’t true.

1.________    2.________    3.________   4.________   5.________

Ⅰ. 1. does well in   2. hear from  3. It took him   4. proud of  5. how to use
Ⅱ. 1-5 DDCBC
Ⅲ. 1-5 EBADC

Module 1 Unit 3课时检测卷

Ⅰ. 根据汉语意思完成句子。每空词数不限
1. 玲玲正在做蛋糕,它闻起来真香。  
  Lingling is making a cake. _________________.  
2. 你看起来很难过。你怎么了?
   ___________________. What happened to you?
3. 这些饼干尝起来很美味。你想尝尝吗?
   ________________. Would you like to try them?
4. 你的想法听起来很不错。我同意你的观点。
   ______________________. I agree with you.
5. 这件丝绸衬衣摸起来很软。我想买它。
   _________________________. I’d like to buy it.

Ⅱ. 阅读理解
Hi, Kate!
I saw your name and address in Penfriend magazine, and I would like to be your pen friend. First, I will tell you some things about myself. My name is Sidney. I’m fourteen years old. I’m about five feet tall. I have short black hair and brown eyes. My hobbies are playing computer games and playing chess.
I live with my parents. They came to England about 30 years ago. They came from Hong Kong, but I have never been there. Now my parents own a Chinese restaurant in Newcastle. We live in a small house near our restaurant. I was born in Newcastle in 2000. I can speak Chinese, but I cannot write it very well. I have a brother called Edwin. He is 23 and works as an architect in London.
I’m in Walker School. It is near my house, so I can walk to school. I like my school because the teachers are friendly. My school has many sports fields. I like sports very much. I enjoy playing rugby and badminton in winter, and tennis in summer. My favorite subject is physics. I want to be an engineer.
I’ll send you a photo of myself with my school friends. I am in the middle. I hope you will write to me soon, and tell me all about you.

1. Sidney wants _____.  
A. to tell Kate about his family           B. to make friends with Kate
C. to practice his English                D. to tell Kate about his school life
2. How many people are there in Sidney’s family?
A. 2.             B. 3.             C. 4.      D. 5.
3. Where was Sidney born?
A. In China.        B. In England.       C. In Canada.       D. In Japan.
4. What does Sidney like playing in winter?
A. Tennis.         B. Football.         C. Badminton.       D. Basketball.
5. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. Kate and Sidney are friends.      B. Sidney’s parents live in Hong Kong.
C. Sidney is 23 years old.         D. Sidney is a student.

Ⅲ. 书面表达
Tom是你新认识的英国笔友。请根据下面表格提供的信息,以“My friend Tom’s hobby”为题,写一篇英语小短文,向同学们介绍他的兴趣与爱好。
基本信息    笔友Tom;来自英国;八年级学生
爱好    广泛,例如运动、唱歌、画画、阅读
最喜欢    打篮球
喜欢的理由    使人成长;变得更强壮;能交很多朋友;放松自己……
提示词:来自(be from);英国(Britain);八年级(Grade Eight);爱好(hobby);例如(such as);运动(sports);唱歌(sing);画画(paint);看书(read);篮球(basketball);成长(grow);强壮(strong);交朋友(make friends);放松(relax)
要求:1. 词数:70左右;
2. 内容必须包括上表中的要点,可适当发挥,但不要逐字逐句翻译;
3. 文中不得出现真实的地名、校名和人名。
My friend Tom’s hobby
Hello, everyone,
   It’s my pleasure to introduce my pen pal, Tom. ____________________________________

   Thank you.

Ⅰ. 1. It smells nice  2. You look very sad  3. These cookies taste delicious   4. Your idea sounds good / great  5. This silk shirt feels soft
One possible version:
My friend Tom’s hobby
Hello, everyone,
It’s my pleasure to introduce my pen pal, Tom. He is from Britain. He is a student of Grade Eight. He has many hobbies, such as sports, singing, painting and reading. He likes playing basketball best, because it can make him grow as a person. He can become stronger and he can make a lot of friends by playing basketball. After class, he often plays it with his friends. It always makes him relax. It’s good for his study.
       Thank you.